10 reasons why you should travel Cambodia

Kingdom of Cambodia between Thailand and Vietnam and Laos border, the north and the neighbors. Such a continuous layout, without being noticed, but for many countries, more and more attracted many tourists to visit each year. This is why?

1. Good. You have many ways to go to Kampuchea in Vietnam, including air and road. If you go to Kampuchea road in Hu Zhiming, is saved and the most fun. You just spent six hours in the car to many customers in Kampuchea, Sihanouk, Siem Reap phnompenh, the price is only 4 million 100 thousand of the votes. If you take a plane, a total of the formalities time the aircraft from the airport to the Siem Reap Johor is two hours the average price is jestar, 20 thousand tickets, vietjetair and vietnamairlines open.

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2. Historical sites and local culture unique. Angkor Wat is located in Kampuchea can not be ignored. This is a historical relic of the Khmer empire from ninth Century to fifteenth Century to the surrounding jungle temple Angkor Wat has a very unique architectural culture and ancient Khmer conform to no conventional pattern. If your legs don’t come here, you can see the sunset of the experience of the temple of Angkor Wat. You can rent a bike or riding a Tuktuk price of about 3 million / day to.

3. There are a lot of travel let you choose in the capital of phnompenh, you can own to the neighboring city. The rugged road difficult to walk, but the price is very cheap. In addition, you will experience a fun way to see scenery. If you want to go to Hu Zhiming, you only spent six hours in the car, close to the vitality of the city. There are many bus routes, there are a lot of interesting destinations, let you stop and find a whole day.

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4. Delicious food. Kampuchea’s cuisine street, diverse and fascinating. Anyone to love Kampuchea dishes and fried noodles fried rice in the country. In addition, you can also experience the local dishes to eat like a hamster, snakes and spiders, crickets roast.

5. The people are friendly people of Kampuchea are very friendly and open to foreign tourists. They are always enthusiastic to chat with the client, ready to laugh with your photo, if you want to.

6. Do not need a visa. Kampuchea is one of the 44 in Vietnam may not need to travel visa formalities. This mechanism helps you to come to this country, more convenient.

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7. There are many interesting experiences with local people. 75% Kampuchea or agricultural culture and the beautiful scenery of Kampuchea is still a primitive agriculture, conform to no conventional pattern. They arrived here, you will experience that in the open space and the water of the river, the vast paddy fields.

8. 你的美丽海滩。如果您正在寻找一个地方度假,有安静的海滩,而不是原始的度假设施的大和拥挤,您不必担心的问题,欺骗或偷窃。

9. Your beautiful beach. If you are looking for a place to go on vacation, a quiet beach, instead of the original facilities are big and crowded, you should choose to Kampuchea. From the capital phnompenh, you can go to the white horse, boat to the island of the rabbit. This island is only a few tents and electric lighting 4 hours / day, if you want to go to a bigger place to Sihanouk, or to take a speedboat to the island of vegetables koh. This island is very quiet, and the white sand and blue water. Here, you will feel completely relaxed, like you in the real paradise.

10. Cheap travel expenses. If you are considering where to travel, just very cheap, you should choose to Kampuchea. You don’t need a cost saving, but also can travel abroad.

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