Can say quintessence of Cambodian cuisine is the cuisine Amok. Amok bring dishes full of flavor, ingredients very own “the land of temples”. Pure sweetness comes from sugar Thot, greasy aroma of coconut water, smelled Prahok mingles with the aroma of banana leaves gently. All are characterized Khmer captivated anyone when tasted.

No exaggeration to say that amok is the soul of Cambodian cuisine, because anything can evoke the cuisine of Cambodia, which is amok. Amok dishes traditional Cambodian Amok to mention the chicken and steamed fish Amok.

Save Amok Chicken is made from raw materials is meat and chicken breast, coconut milk and Khuong (spices especially only in Cambodia), and some spices such as left-Wish, turmeric, galangal, onions, lemongrass, … Chicken after being clean for at marinated with Jiang, rice, coconut milk and some vegetables shrinkage creates dishes with rich taste, but no less tasty exotic. When taste Amok Chicken, visitors will feel the chicken toned mix with the sweet aroma of coconut, tourists will not worry dish will greasy because the vegetables nearly neutralized, put food on the easy to eat , eat and will remember forever, and the time is addictive.

This dish is often very soft so called soup Cambodians. Amok chicken soup bowl that is not used in place of coconut, which gives the feeling cherish eating, enjoy the taste.

Amok steamed fish dishes are quite picky over food chicken Amok. A dish to look after the processing is simple, but to create it, it requires a multitude of processes and types of materials together. Ingredients to create dishes include Fillet snakehead or Catfish, Khuong, coconut milk, duck eggs, jaggery, Prahok and intestine or sweet leaf cluster.

Cambodians with esoteric formulas prepared a mixture of Khuong, coconut milk, sugar and eggs to bring to cook until it reaches the consistency of emulsion. Then the fish is cut into pieces and then be sprinkled to taste bloody water mixture prepared with leaf cluster intestine, forest lemons, lemongrass, galangal, lemon zest, garlic, shallots and chilli. These materials are blended together to create a new experience and exciting for this dish.

Fillet wrapped when it was spicy wrap in banana leaves and steamed cooked. When ripe, the taste of banana leaves radiating outward stimulate diners want to quickly find out what is inside. Remove the banana leaves off, try a small piece visitors will immediately fascinated by the blend by spicy chili flavor make sweet meat, the fat in coconut milk and a little flavor of Prahok.

If just once enjoyed through this unique Amok dishes, guests will remember forever, and even be able to “enthusiast” for them. However, if the first pass through, can not taste so not used by the concentration, but take longer to eat, eat a little more tourists will feel this dish right result “masterpiece human world.”

On the afternoon of the rainy season in Cambodia, there is nothing more amazing when tasted with a little wine Amok Thot Cambodian specialties. Indeed, “the land of the temple tower” very suitable for housewives cuisine experience exciting and picky here.

Cambodian Cuisine not too fussy, colorful cuisine neighbors but in return, the dishes are featuring Khmer originality, taste harmony which especially makes people enjoy if once tasted try not to forget. Amok dish is so. If you have the opportunity to tour Cambodia, travelers do not forget to enjoy rustic dishes are light!

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