Things You Must Pack If You Are Visiting Cambodia [Part 1]

Cambodia travel destination is always attractive to many backpackers keen on discovering the local history. Here’s a detailed packing list for you in Cambodia.

Making a trip to Cambodia by packing smart and bringing only what you need. You don’t want to over-pack or be weighed down by unnecessary luggage and items.

1. Clothes

Apart from being hot, Cambodia’s climate is often humid, so make sure you pack breathable clothes that can cope well with heavy sweating. Light, loose and cool clothing is essential. Because Cambodia is extremely warm and if you are visiting sites like Angkor Wat you will be doing lots of walking in the hot sun.

It also bodes well to remember that Cambodia is a Buddhist country and when visiting temples, religious structures or palaces, shoulders and knees must be covered. Lightweight long skirts and light-colored, loose and long-sleeved blouses are good.


2. Mosquito Repeller

There are mosquitos at night in some places. If you are enjoying sundowners sitting outside on a verandah or heading into the jungle and similar, it is good to have this portable mosquito repeller.

Make sure you’ve liberally applied repellent before you go out, or covered up completely as mozzies love the dusk. It’s really worth paying attention to this as living with itchy mozzie bites can be miserable – prevention is most definitely better than cure. It can protect up to a 15-foot surrounding area.


3. First aid kit

It’s good to have first aid with you while you travel. You will feel safe and when it comes to having an emergency need, you got it in your luggage. Travel first aid is a small, well designed with plasters, disinfectant, etc means you can quickly treat cuts and scratches and stop them getting infected.

If you’re in the provinces then health care can be less than desirable, so make sure you bring a well-stocked travel first aid kit. Essentials include plasters, pain-killers, antibiotic cream, gauzes and bandages, and any prescription medicine.


4. Tissues

The ‘bum gun’ shower spray is the traditional way to get clean after using the toilet, although many establishments do provide toilet paper. However, if you’re heading out of town or getting the bus to somewhere more remote, don’t forget to take toilet roll, tissues or wet wipes with you – chances are there won’t be any in the bathroom.


5. Sunscreen

Cambodia is hot. The Cambodia sun is brutal, especially after 10am in the morning. Wear a hat and cover up when possible. Apply first thing in the morning and first thing in the afternoon. It’s good to protect your skin while you visit the Angkor Wat temple or lay down on the beach at Sihanoukville.

The merciless sun beats down relentlessly in Cambodia, making sunscreen an absolute suitcase essential. A minimum of SPF50 is recommended, and for those sun gods and goddesses out there, yes, you will still tan.


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