Things You Must Pack If You Are Visiting Cambodia [Part 2]

Cambodia travel destination is always attractive to many backpackers keen on discovering the local history. Here’s a detailed packing list for you in Cambodia.

Making a trip to Cambodia by packing smart and bringing only what you need. You don’t want to over-pack or be weighed down by unnecessary luggage and items.

6. Light rain jacket

If you’re headed to Cambodia during monsoon season, then a light rain jacket is a must. While they tend to only last for an hour, the heavy spells of rain and deafening claps of thunder will have you soaked within seconds otherwise.


7. Travel Insurance

Before travelling to Cambodia you’d do well to take out an insurance policy to cover against theft, loss of personal items and documentation, illness and injury. However, before you pay for a new policy, it’s worth checking whether you are already covered: some all-risks home insurance policies may cover your possessions when overseas, and many private medical schemes include cover when abroad – check that they cover Cambodia. Students will often find that their student health coverage extends during the vacations and for one term beyond the date of last enrolment.


8. Headphones and playlist

Cambodia is a loud country, from the construction that rings heavy around Phnom Penh to the constant chattering on the phone during bus trips. If you plan on using the country’s network of buses, then, unless you want to spend hours listening to blasting karaoke songs or foreign films, drowning out the sound with your own music is a must.


9.Travel adaptor

It’s well worth bringing a universal charger or adaptor because, depending on where you stay, the plug sockets will differ. And if you don’t want your laptop to fry or your phone to overheat, it’s well worth investing in a charger that comes complete with surge protection, too.


10. Torch

Power cuts, especially during hot season, still plague parts of Cambodia, especially more rural areas, so it bodes well if you plan on exploring to take a mini torch with you. City centres are also often poorly lit, so you may want to put your torch in your bag during an evening out.


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